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Mike's Photos From The Road #51
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jordan came to visit me in australia for two weeks. jordan, mary (a sydneysider), and me having a few drinks on the manly wharf in manly, one of the northern beaches of sydney.
we went up to byron bay for a few days. there is a terrible meat-market bar there called cheeky monkeys. here i am acting stupid at the edge of the dance flo'.
andrew, from london, had his birthday while we were in byron bay - march 14. we went out for curry and drinks to celebrate. we met two swedish girls earlier that came along with us to celebrate. from left to right: leah, jordan, andrew, brian (jordan's buddy from san fran), me, hannah.
"oh no...is that what i think it is?" asked michael. "it looks like it mate. we're bollocsked," replied andrew.
andrew snapped this one of me standing on the handgliding platform in byron bay. didn't realize 4 weeks later i'd be back at this spot jumping off it with a wing tied to my back.
for a while we thought this might be the last picture ever of jordan. we were waiting in front of our hostel waiting for the van to pick us up to go skydiving.
the almost-last-picture-ever of me.
jordan getting ready to dive at byron bay skydiving...
jordan paid to have still photos and a video taken. here he is immediately after exiting the plane.
here he is free-falling high above byron bay. the point of land stretching out into the ocean is australia's most eastern point.
me, jordan, and his instructor immediately after jordan landed. we survived.
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