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Mike's Photos From The Road #64
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sharon and i hanging out in a park in taupo, new zealand, located in the middle of the north island. sharon has just signed up for a sky-dive and is terrified.
me on the shores of lake taupo.
sharon in the moments before her sky-dive.
she survived and we headed for wanganui. on the way we passed through tongariro national park - this is the back side of mount tongariro.
a cloud obscures the top of mount tongariro, a.k.a. MOUNT DOOM in the lord of the rings.
rainbows and mountains abound in new zealand. here a full one stretches over mount ruapehu. but then i turned around for one last look at tongariro....
...and i was glad i did. what an amazing view i had of MOUNT DOOM!
later we pulled to the roadside for the night and enjoyed a few speights and some laughs in the campervan.
paul was obsessed with sniffing sharon's hair.
here is what we blamed for our stupid antics: speights, a fine new zealand beer.
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