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Mike's Around-The-World Trip Update #22 - 12.16.2005
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you will absolutely not believe this, assuming you have followed my trip around the world up to this point.

i am covered in mustard and i have nothing left.

what that means is that someone squirted mustard on me as i waited for the bicycle office to open this morning in la paz, bolivia, and then when i turned to confront him, someone else stole my backpack.

that's everything i have with me, gone. absolutely everything, except my guitar and the clothes i am wearing.

my passport, my journal, my glasses, my contacts, my ipod, my headphones, my clothes, my extra shoes, all the money i have collected from around the world, pictures of my family and cards of encouragement, absolutely everything.

i am going to the u.s. embassy this afternoon and i hope that they give me my FIFTH passport of this trip. why? so i can get out of here. i have had enough.

keep on keepin' on,

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