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like most people in the world, i'm not sure what i want to do for a career. i haven't found my passion yet - at least not one i can make money from. after working as a corporate computer programmer for 5+ years, i realized it wasn't for me. i didn't care enough to dedicate 40-50 hours a week of my life to it. so i quit. and now i am out here keeping my eye open for something that fulfills me; a career pursuing my passion hopefully. i've always enjoyed writing; i am writing a book about my trip and will try to get it published when i return to the united states. maybe writing is that passion of mine...who knows? anyway, aside from the non-fictional book about my trip, i also write some fictional short stories based on experiences i've had, people i've met, or just the insane ideas that frequently spawn in my whacked-out brain. have a look below...

Mike's Fiction From The Road
find your mark - a man visits sydney and looks for his father's "mark." he gets in trouble along the way but finds unexpected help made possible by a family tradition of respecting world cultures.
a useless word saves a train - a man traveling across russia by train is disgusted by his inability to retain a useful foreign vocabulary...but a seemingly useless word can sometimes be unexpectedly useful.
a freak seeks his bag - i am scared and alone in a moscow hostel when a psycho comes looking for something he misplaced.
island girl - a possessive man isolates his woman on a lonely island. and then one day....
dying for the last time - in a small, sad town, the recently deceased begin to regain life and no one knows why. they are forced to alter their lives in order to gain control again, but one man refuses to change.
the tale of chauncey the rhino (for mary) - written by a guest author to mikethenomad.com, rolo the rhyming rat, here is a tale about a famous rhinoceros.
i will follow - i start following a girl in sydney, australia and suddenly find myself in a giant global circle of people just like me. i break away, but do i have the courage to go it alone?
you want me - rolo the rhyming rat turns to his serious side for a look at the push and pull of human relationships.
chasing a jigsaw puzzle master - jealousy drives a man to chase another around new zealand trying to learn the secret of his success. he does, but a bit too late.
to murder again - a man commits a murder which he later regrets after he begins to understand his victim in hindsight. he can only think of one solution to his suffocating guilt.
dreaming your life - i dream vividly about my past and become so entralled with it that i forget to attend to my present life.
karamel karen and her magic cloud - an overcast day in chicago reminds me of a woman i met who traveled in an extraordinary way.