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the following summarizes the route i've taken around-the-world, graphically on a world map (which you can click on to see a larger version) and then textually, listed month-by-month below the map. the list shows the exact route i've taken so a country is sometimes repeated within the same month, meaning i left there and then went back. you want an example, eh? england, france, england, denmark, england, means i left london for paris, went back to london, flew to copenhagen, and then flew back to london. got it? cool. check it out; it's good, clean, wholesome fun for the entire family.

Mike's Around-The-World Route
click on the map for a larger version

the past


march 16: left chicago, illinois for london, england
march: england, france, england, denmark, england
april: england, france, spain, gibraltar, spain
may: morocco, spain, portugal, spain, france
june: ireland, northern ireland
july: ireland, wales, england, france, united states (colorado, utah, new mexico), england
august: denmark, sweden, finland
september: finland, estonia, finland, russia, mongolia
october: mongolia, china
november: china, hong kong
december: hong kong, china, laos, thailand


january: thailand, malaysia
february: malaysia, singapore, indonesia, east timor
march: australia
april: australia
may: australia, new zealand
june: new zealand
july: new zealand
august: new zealand, chile, argentina
september: argentina, uruguay
october: uruguay, argentina
november: argentina
december: argentina, bolivia, peru


january: peru, ecuador, colombia
february: colombia, brasil
march: brasil, colombia, panama
april: costa rica, nicaragua, el salvador, honduras, guatemala, mexico
may: mexico, united states
may 5: returned to chicago, trip over

the present

current location