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what in hell is going on here?
hello. my name is michael kivisto and i'm from detroit/chicago. i am currently traveling around-the-world for about two years. i've set up this site in order to share my experiences with my friends, family, and people i've met on the road. i love traveling and my dream is to become an author so i am writing while i explore the world - i also use this site to offer up some of the crap i come up with.
my goal is to travel around the entire world without flying. my trip started in london on a flight from the u.s., so i want to get back to london without getting on an airplane. i hope to crew on a ship, sailing from new zealand to chile across the pacific. then across the atlantic in the same fashion, probably from the caribbean to portugal. that to me will be a real around-the-world trip.
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i bought a one-way ticket on air india from chicago, illinois to london, england, climbed aboard my plane at o’hare on march 16, 2004 and landed the next morning at heathrow; that was the end of my planning for the trip - from there i have winged it.
i cycled most of the way through europe, covering about 3100 miles (5000 km). i cycled entirely across the following countries: portugal, ireland, northern ireland, wales, denmark, and sweden. i also pedaled through andalucia in spain, brittany in france, southwest and southeast england, and small parts of morocco. i left my bike in finland and am now backpacking for the duration of my trip. i traveled overland through russia, mongolia, and china on the trans-siberian railway. i took buses, ferries, taxis, camels, motorcycles, boats, car, vans, trucks, tuk-tuks, and my feet all over southeast asia. i had to fly to get from east timor to australia, but i had no choice. had to fly from australia to new zealand too, but i will continue to travel over land and over sea whenever possible. damn! had to fly from new zealand to chile also so i guess the goal is dead. oh well, it's still one hell of a trip. i guess to make it around-the-world without flying you have to find one boat going all the way around. i plan on doing that someday.
for more on what i've been doing check out the links below: my current location can be found here: current location. i write e-mail updates which give an overview of what i've done and how i got to where i am. i also write random thoughts which are funny stories or interesting experiences from the road that didn't fit in an update. and of course there are the photos. i added a fiction section in april 2005 in order to share some of the stories that my voyage has inspired. you can e-mail me at mikethenomad@gmail.com

have a look at what i've done. hope you enjoy.
what's happening next?
hanging out in south america learning spanish until i go home, which will be in early 2006.
you ever coming home, you idiot?
it is january 2006 right now and i am on my way home. i'm going overland the whole way though so it will take some time. i started home on november 15, 2005 (my birthday) from the bottom of argentina and plan on getting to san diego, california in mid-march 2006. from colombia, i hope to cross the darien gap (the most dangerous piece of land on earth) but if not, i will sail from there to panama, and continue overland through central america and mexico to san diego. i plan on buying a motorcycle and settling in colorado when i return home.

that plan is very solid. the only thing that will stop that is death, kidnapping, an earthquake, or a donkey. see you soon.

sorta solid. as of january 25, 2006 i am in colombia with plans to do all of the above, but with a one month delay to visit brasil. the rolling stones are playing a free concert on february 18 in rio de janeiro, and carnavale is on from the 24th - 28th. i am too close to miss the world's biggest party so i am going. i will head back to colombia afterwards and continue my trip home overland. should be back in april 2006 (if i can somehow stop myself. someone please help me! i am out of control!)

so it's april 2006 and i am only in panama city, panama. i am anxious to get home but too lazy to get on a bus. i will do it soon though and the rest of my trip will go something like this: bus it through central america and mexico during april, arriving at the mexico/texas border in nuevo laredo, mexico/laredo, texas in late april/early may. i will visit san antonio and austin, and then i will board a train back to detroit, michigan, stopping in chicago on the way there to see some friends and EAT SOME PIZZA!!!!!!!!! aaahhhhhhhhh!!! i will return to detroit to live with my brother for month or so, then i will buy a motorcycle and ride to california via chicago and denver. i will live at my sister's place in mission viejo, california for june and july, and then i will ride around the country visiting my friends. right now i am thinking that i will move to buenos aires, argentina in january 2007 to teach english for a year. i will solidify my spanish as well. i want to live in the u.s. for a year and then overseas for a year probably for the rest of my life. i don't know...that's what i am thinking right now. i'll just get home and see what happens....it could all change when i get there. that's what makes life exciting!

that's it. i am home now. it's may 16, 2006 and i am sitting in the home of my brother in south lyon, michigan. i arrived in chicago on may 8, officially ending my around-the-world trip, having started in chicago on march 16, 2004.