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Mike's Photos From The Road #1
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how it all began. high in the sky on air india approaching london heathrow about to begin the adventure of a lifetime. notice on my landing card under "occupation" i wrote "traveler." quit the job for this trip i did.
one of my great friends, andrew, lives in london. he always seems to throw a party when i visit. here is the house in the moments before chaos came crashing through the door.
andrew likes wine and candles.
i always like to cruise around london on a bike. i stopped at some spots to take pictures of recognizable places, such as a typical corner pub.
looks kids: big ben, parliament
riding the bike through picadilly circus.
recognize this album cover? the factory from pink floyd's animals in london.
1:00 in the morning, riding through london on a bike, he sees a perfect photo opportunity and climbs out onto a pier to take it. the famous tower bridge.
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