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Mike's Photos From The Road #10
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in breven bruk, sweden admiring the reflections in the pond.
a nice farm on a river in the swedish countryside.
a lady who could use a massage sitting near the road.
sometimes you discover precious jewels when you cycle through the countryside. this amazing country cafe in sweden was packed with locals, unknown to the tourist crowd.
i was setting up my tent in askersund, sweden at the edge of lake vattern when this guy pulled up in his, uh, car. notice that it is almost exactly the same size as his tent. it is a bmw isetta and it gets 80km to the liter.
i met up with tony and alan again when i got to stockholm. here's tony riding the escalator down to the subway. on our way downtown for another fun night on the town.
we had too much fun and i indulged my strange fascination with running the tracks of subways. here is my buddy alan from ireland in front of me in the tunnels of the subway in stockholm. don't worry; i am a professional
the sea-side buildings of stockholm.
on a terrace above the band that was rocking the square in stockholm.
after about a week i was off to the next new country. this one was quite special since my dad was 100% finnish. i was very excited as i took this photo from the back of the ferry from stockholm to helsinki, finland. cruising through the archipelago on a beautiful sunny day.
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