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Mike's Photos From The Road #100
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from el chalten, lauren and i journeyed over route 40 for two days to get to bariloche, the lake district of patagonia. we rented a car one day and drove around the seven lakes. the weather sucked but we saw some nice stuff, like my back.
the rainy conditions spawn great wildflowers though.
cool old ruined railroad bridge in the seven lakes district.
a farm on a lake.
the ride along lake traful was the most scenic.
we climbed some steps to the mirador over lago traful.
the shore of lago traful from above.
another view of the lake.
nice drive back from the lakes to bariloche.
hey! check out this other stuff in bariloche!
dig this painting on the side of the hostel.
bariloche bursts with colorful flowers.
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