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Mike's Photos From The Road #104
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hey man! what's the border between argentina and bolivia look like? like this. you walk from argentina to bolivia across a dirt bridge.
first thing i did in bolivia was almost die from the altitude. second thing was head out into the countryside. alpacas and llamas cover bolivia.
my group out on the salt flats. tatyana from germany, jan from the netherlands, memet from switzerland, lisa from germany, me, and paul from new zealand. great people. great place.
we got out of the four wheel drive truck to throw the aerobie around on the flats.
me on the highest, largest salt flat in the world.
there was this cactus island in the middle of the flats. the cactus growing there was over 1000 years old, about 750 years older than the country i come from.
there is an erupting volcano behind me. surprised i didn't get covered in lava.
the lake behind me was full of flamingos.
can you see them?
who is watching who?
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