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Mike's Photos From The Road #106
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a hostel we stayed at out there...way out there...and way too high. this place was at 4200 meters (13,860 feet) above sea level. bolivia is up in the air man, frighteningly so. makes you feel like you are dying.
for some reason on this particular day we had to get up at 4:30am and be on the road at 5am. i sat in front and snapped this shot of the group. no one was happy.
these geysers are at 5000 meters, 16,500 feet. the ridiculous altitude and sulphur smell had a lot of people puking into the bubbling mud pots.
paul, surrounded by some foul smelling air.
nice place for lunch.
lago verde, green lake.
and then another red lake.
we stopped for a break in this town where i bought some coca leaves, the plant from which cocaine is made. supposedly it helps with the altitude sickness - it didn't. our driver had a giant mouthful though. guess it helped with his driving since we never crashed out on those treacherous roads.
a bolivian town i cannot remember the name of.
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