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Mike's Photos From The Road #108
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after they stole my backpack in la paz ("the peace"), i headed for more tranquil surroundings, namely copacabana at the edge of lake titicaca. the bus occasionally pulled over at a bolivian convenience store. here's one now.
the first look at the town of copacabana. that's lake titcaca behind it.
i took a boat out to the isla del sol, the island of the sun. according to incan legend, the first incan man and woman were born here, as well as the sun itself. this woman poses all day with the family llamas and her daughters, charging tourists two bolivianos (about 25 cents) per photo.
this is the view from the top of the island.
back in copacabana, i headed to the top of the hill above town for a look. lots of graves up there.
me above lake titicaca.
on the isla del sol a new friendship was born (according to incan legend) between this guy - tommi from finland - and i.
the harbor of copacabana.
tommi checks out the view.
later in the afternoon the weather turned nasty.
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