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Mike's Photos From The Road #109
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from copacabana, bolivia, tommi and i headed to cuzco, peru where i was to meet my sister debra (dobja). we had plans to visit machu picchu and to celebrate christmas and new year's. i didn't expect much of cuzco but it turned out to be a beautiful town. here is a picture dobja took of plaza de armas and the cathedral from a restaurant window.
and another...
and another...
me in my only clothes in plaza de armas. gotta love the megadeth t-shirt.
lots of hills in cuzco. we stayed at the loki hostel at top of the stairs behind me.
on our way up, dobja snapped a shot of two little girls smiling down from their second story home.
dobja made it to the top despite having to carry the weight of altitude sickness.
pretty cool hostel in a 450 year old peruvian mansion.
jamming for tommi and dobja in our room.
later we went into the loki bar for a brew or two. here i am with a cusquena - a peruvian beer that destroys your stomach.
dobja and i celebrated christmas in cuzco.
of course the celebration is much better surrounded by friends.
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