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Mike's Photos From The Road #11
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i received a very warm welcome from the finnish people, almost as if a long lost brother was returning home. they picked me out immediately because my last name, kivisto, is finnish - it means "hill of stones." i met two finnish guys, mikko and peter, who took me out every week on wednesday, better known as "little saturday" in helsinki. we had a blast together. when i left, i had peter baby-sit my bicycle, the nomad, at his apartment while i set off backpacking the rest of the world. this is mikko, me, and peter at molly malone's, an irish pub in helsinki.
i also hung out with anu, a finnish girl who worked at the hostel i was staying at. she was actually the first finnish person i ever met in finland - so, so nice. she was a great representation of the people there, making me feel more proud than ever of my finnish roots.
anu and i at molly malone's.
they were so happy to see me that they wrote my name on the side of all their buses. i saw these buses throughout helsinki - adorned with the company name on the side, the same as my last name - but i never got a picture. this photo was sent to me by anna and val from iceland, a couple i met while scuba-diving in thailand. that's anna in front of the bus.
"i saw you just the other day, you were leaning up against a post." i said, "but i'm tired". one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer in helsinki.
i really dig huge statues and helsinki has plenty of them in landscaped gardens.
the cathedral in helsinki.
fish is really damn fresh when you buy it right from the back of the fisherman's boat.
hanging out in a square.
some crazy people listening to the music of a peruvian band.
mary, whom i had met in ireland, was in helsinki so we went one day to a fortress on an island. this is a photo of one of the many bizarre encounters at the suomenlinna fortress: these guys went walking by carrying about two dozen lanterns on a stick. they disappeared seconds later into an archway of the 300 year old fortress.
mary, from australia, looks down into a secret room of the soumenlinna fortress.
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