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Mike's Photos From The Road #110
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i discovered a new addiction the day tommi and i reserved two off-road motorcycles and rode through the sacred valley of cuzco, a mountainous area filled with incan ruins. here i am at the beginning of the day (addiction.)
tommi snapped this shot of us riding down the road. he was always behind me, too scared to twist that throttle beyond a comfortable point.
even before we arrived at the ruins, the scenery around us was spectacular.
tommi and i in full gear on our rides.
tommi signals his approval of our view.
we were having such a phenomenal time we had to hug each other.
after a couple hours of riding, we arrived at the first incan ruin: pisaq. i was having such a good time i didn't want to get off my bike, but when i saw the terraces of pisaq i jumped off and headed down the path for a closer look.
tommi on the path to pisaq.
me on the same path.
the path crept along the edge of the mountains.
that little black dot on top of the ruins is me.
tommi on top of pisaq.
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