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Mike's Photos From The Road #111
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doing big arms in the door of the incan ruins of pisaq.
snooping around in the ruins of a house.
the incans had a tendency to build their villages in some dramatic settings.
megadeth, megadeth, we want that megadeth!
we rode to the little village of ollytantambo to visit the ruins there. here is tommi sitting on the terraces.
i could look at these things all day - and that's exactly what we did.
sitting in the window of an incan home.
a closer look at the incan terraces.
tommi on the ruins with ollytantambo behind him.
even when we weren't gazing upon the incredible ruins, we never uttered a complaint about the scenery around us. peru is breathtaking.
nothing like winding down the road not knowing what lays ahead...
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