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Mike's Photos From The Road #112
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continuing on our motorcycle adventure through the sacred valley around cuzco, peru, our guide lead us to some crazy salt pools. these naturally occuring pools are tucked neatly into a valley.
a closer look at the bizarre pools which look man-made but aren't.
another look. strange stuff.
these things are wild tommi - get a shot of me sitting near them.
back on the bikes. me, the guide, the staggering andes.
tommi and the eye-bending mountains of peru.
where'd my bike go?
on our final stop, the incas presented to us the ruins of moray; terraces for experimental agriculture. each level has a different temperature to grow different species of potatoes.
me walking down the geniously designed stone stairs.
"bottom of the world, ma!"
tommi sinks to a new low.
those cool incan stairs making their way up the terraces.
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