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Mike's Photos From The Road #113
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a gallery dedicated to my first visit to machu picchu, the sacred university of the incans hidden in the jungle of peru. my sister dobja and i took the train from cuzco to machu picchu on christmas eve, 2005. here is what we saw.
ummm, do i need to say anything? no. i am just going to shut up (almost completely) and let you enjoy. i will only comment when absolutely necessary. i hate it when some annoying blabber-mouth doesn't know when to keep his big trap shut. you ever catch me running off with the mouth like that just give me a poke in the chops.
- not talking -
- i'm not talking now -
- i am no longer talking -
but how about i stand in front of the camera and destroy this picture?
it is physically impossible to get closer to a llama than i did. well, legally at least.
whatcha looking at mr. llama sir? oh. i understand.
you guys sure got a nice pasture here...
the view of the preceding llama.
dobja was sick from the altitude. she sat around a lot at machu picchu ("the old mountain" in quechan), much like the incan scholars did hundreds of years earlier i imagine.
she could stand now and then though. good job, sis! showing some incan courage.
i was there dude.
a courtyard.
the very distinctive incan terraces, used for agriculture, structural support, or decoration.
dobja wandering around the buildings...
dobja gazing off into the mountains, wondering if seeing machu picchu was worth feeling like you've been beaten by angry marines all night. "yes" was her answer i would guess.
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