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Mike's Photos From The Road #115
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the second day is a straight 1700 meter (5600 feet) climb to the dead woman's pass. here i am at the start of it, absolutely regretting that i played soccer for three hours the day before.
tommi and i taking a break on the climb.
going again.
lots of great views on day two.
again, the porters always had tables and food ready for us at each stop - made it so nice.
me and daniel during the all-day climb.
jenny, daniel's sister, on the climb.
llamas live all along the trail.
tommi at the top of dead woman's pass, so called because when the inca trail was rediscovered a dead woman was found here.
tommi had to sit down to take in the spectacular view.
we all eventually made it. from left to right, me, tommi, jenny, michel, lise (a family from french canada), gustavo, and julie (from brasil.)
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