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Mike's Photos From The Road #116
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here i am on new year's eve, december 31, 2005, walking down the dead woman's pass towards the campsite where i would (modestly) celebrate new year's eve.
where we spent new year's eve. quite a bit different than the crowded smokey bar i am usually at.
the porters were prepared for new year's of course - they brought wine, and rum, and lemon tea to mix it with. the only thing they forgot was a corkscrew. so here i am on new year's eve (at about 8pm) trying to uncork a cheap bottle of wine with a butter knife. happy new year!
first day of the year, january 1, 2006, climbing down to the ruin of an incan fortress. on day three of the trek, we began to see all the ruins leading up to machu picchu.
our guide, freddy, teaches us about the ruins.
at the top of the next hill, the group of us (known as the "coca group") pose with giant mouthfuls of the magic leaves that helped us climb.
i had a particularily large wad in for this photo.
as we walked along, the mist would occasionally clear to reveal an incredible ruin.
when we spotted them we explored them, observing the solid craftsmenship that allows the buildings to still stand despite enduring over 700 years of harsh peruvian weather.
as we drew closer to machu picchu, the jungle closed in.
me inside the inca tunnel.
descending the steep stone pathway towards the incan observatory.
closer look at the observatory.
the view from the observatory.
the night before we arrived at machu picchu, the porters left us. we needed a picture of these amazing guys before they took off.
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