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Mike's Photos From The Road #117
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after four days on the inca trail, we reached the sun gate, high above the university of machu picchu. the following two galleries are dedicated to this magnificent wonder of the world.
early in the morning of the fourth day, we climbed to the sun gate, high above machu picchu. when we arrived all we saw was a floor of clouds. but slowly, silently, the mist cleared and we got this first dramatic view of machu picchu. sappy i know, but i got tears in my eyes - it was so moving.
i decided to load up another batch of coca for the walk down.
every moment the clouds disappeared more.
and then they cleared completely. wow. a few minutes later though machu picchu was gone again. the clouds and mist make the place magical.
our group poses high above machu picchu.
climbing down for my second look at mp. walking the inca trail was much better than taking the train. the winding road behind me is for buses coming from the town of aguas calientes, where the train takes you from cuzco.
ladies and gentlemen, may i present to you....
tommi and i near the university.
the group at our destination finally. fun group of people. the whole tour was done in english, even though i was the only one of the nine of us who speaks english natively.
spectacular mountains surround machu picchu.
freddy lead us on an in-depth tour of the sanctuary of scholars and clerics. his passionate commentary helped me appreciate machu picchu much more during this visit.
tommi near a temple.
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