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Mike's Photos From The Road #118
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wow, what a wall!
tommi perched above the courtyard of machu picchu.
freddy pointing something interesting out.
tommi taking a look at it.
freddy demonstrating how the incans split rocks for building material. the fact that half-finished stones like this one are lying around indicate that machu picchu was still under construction when the university was abandoned. they left machu picchu because the maurauding spanish were coming to kill, rape, steal, and destroy, all in the name of christianity. pleasant facts, eh? fortunately the spanish never found machu picchu.

thou shall not kill.

thou shall not steal.

thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

thou shall not commit adultery.

so negative. so hypocritical.
if you come to machu picchu on june 21 (the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere) at about 9pm, the southern cross constellation lines up exactly with this stone model of it.
tommi. me. machu picchu.
water pools used for observing the path of the sun across the sky.
me sitting on a model of the mountains behind me.
so long, from machu picchu.
ironic (yes, it's irony) that i finally see a welcome to machu picchu sign at the very end of a four day trek, after having left mp.
chilling out on a bridge just outside aguas calientes, thinking about what i just saw. lucky guy, ain't i?
cuzco seemed a bit dirty and noisy after the serenity of mp, but you gotta keep on keepin' on, you know? if there are any peruvian police looking at these photos, i swear i didn't paint that on the wall....it just happens to be the intials of my mantra.
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