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Mike's Photos From The Road #119
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welcome to lima! tommi and i headed from cuzco to the capital of peru, where we were pleasantly surprised. not a bad place at all, even beautiful in some parts. we stayed in miraflores on the ocean but we were hanging out in the centro for the following shots.
and there's tommi!
a nativity scene was erected on the balcony. surprising to me how few christmas decorations were displayed in south america. it was nice actually.
the main square was surrounded by brilliant yellow buildings and old churches.
and the presidential palace where some demonstration was going on.
because of the protest, the police blocked off the entire centro to everyone but us gringos. here i am standing in the middle of a street that is usually choked with cars.
the police waited close by, ready to crack some skulls.
"i hope a gringo does something stupid so i can crack his skull." that's what this cop was thinking when i took this shot.
they were seriously ready for some trouble.
we wandered away from the protests to see more of the city. what a church!
couldn't resist posing with these boys. have you ever seen a freakier mannequin?
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