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Mike's Photos From The Road #12
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i took a weekend holiday to visit the city of tallinn, estonia, just across
the gulf of finland from helsinki. this is the alexander nevsky cathderal in
tallinn, a little preview of the places i will see in russia...
life can be harsh even in a beautiful setting.
artists hang their work on the medieval city wall made of stone adorned with
the twisting green branches of ivy.
these two magnificent towers form the eastern gate into the city.
the brilliant colors of the houses make quite an impression under the rays of
the sun passing through a cloudless estonian sky.
elevation changes in a city allow you to get different perspectives on the same
scene; san francisco, california benefits greatly from that, so does tallinn.
someone planted this garden right in front of the tower of the city wall just so
i could take this picture. thanks dude.
does this even look real? i had to recover from the hard smack of awe before i could
pose for this picture. the towers along the city wall in tallinn.
i took several consecutive photos and then pieced them together on my computer to create
this panoramic shot of the old town of tallinn.
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