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Mike's Photos From The Road #120
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tommi and i continued north from lima up the coast. we got to trujillo, peru where the ruins of chan chan are. the pre-incan ruins were fascinating to the people in our group but tommi and i were a bit spoiled by machu picchu, so i flipped off the camera.
the walls were carved with intricate designs.
i am pretending to enjoy myself but i really was drowning in boredom.
trujillo is in a desert, just like lima and much of central/northern peru.
you've never seen an uglier dog than this one. no you haven't.
the walls were cool, but still boring.
this guy was even more bored than we were. at least we could leave.
i took strange angled shots in order to combat my boredom. it didn't work. this place is dull man.
tommi having a great time.
there was a cool pot there.
there were two cool pots there.
we mercifully left chan chan to see the beach at huayaquil. here is a guy with his cool old boat.
many of the fisherman still use these bamboo boats which they stuff into the sand and display dramatically on the beach.
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