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Mike's Photos From The Road #121
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we continued our charge north, up the coast of the pacific ocean. ecuador was the next country in our path of destruction. we stopped in cuenca, in the south of ecuador. here we are posing in the main square.
in the hostel we met erica and denise from buenos aires, argentina. we walked around the old colonial streets of cuenca for a day together. tommi, erica, denise, and some jackass.
tommi perches on a wall above the river while the girls ask directions for the 10,000th time.
denise walking along the river.
denise laughing on the bridge. these girls were always smiling and laughing. very fun to spend some time with.
a statue of an indian.
some great colonial buildings in cuenca.
a monstrous church in the center.
what up, denise? smiling again i see....
they were leaving the next day, so we headed to the bar for a goodbye drink.
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