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Mike's Photos From The Road #122
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onto quito, the capital. check out catedral san francisco.
tommi and the cathedral.
me in plaza independencia.
city hall in the old town of quito.
these guys are about to get signed by a major record label. you saw them here first.
you can climb up the hill and get a stunning view of old town - but we didn't. here's a picture of it though.
catedral hanging out at the end of the street.
20km north of quito is the equator, mitad del mundo. here i am walking towards the northern hemisphere. i was nervous: i had been in the south for one year. didn't know how i would feel in the north.
tommi at the line.
me at the line, looking much cooler than tommi. i handled it better.
half in the north, half in the south.
tommi half in the north, half in the south.
tommi chilling in the southern hemisphere.
after hours of negotiations, the northern and southern hemisphere finally reached an agreement. that big "O" stands for "oeste", spanish for "west."
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