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Mike's Photos From The Road #123
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hanging out at the secret garden hostel in quito, one of the best i have been to.
the view of quito from the hostel.
one day we decided to take a mountain bike in the mountains. it gets real cold up there even in the summer.
our group pauses on the road.
my first time mountain biking on this trip, believe it or not. it was awesome, although quite cold and rainy.
noel from canada on his ride.
sometimes the terrain was too rugged for riding so you had to carry your bike.
noel posed for this shot and then needed help carrying his bike. he couldn't ride, party, or drink. a great disappointment to his entire country, the great white north. ohhh noo, canada!
it was a nasty day so there aren't too many good pictures of the fantastic scenery. here's one for you though.
you can just look at this shot and feel that hot water, can't you? the natural hot springs felt incredible after riding through the cold rain. tommi, ian from oz, noel from canada, me, and ian from england thoroughly enjoying the hot soak.
dry and warm again.
tommi at the hot springs.
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