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Mike's Photos From The Road #124
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wait...what's that out the window? is that what i think it is? you aren't supposed to come here!!!! get out! get out! that's fucking COLOMBIA MAN!!!!! are you crazy?!?!? according to the u.s. government, i am indeed.
an example of the colonial architecture of popayan, colombia.
colombia is country #43 for me - that makes me a citizen of the world, officially.
you want some more colonial architecture? well, here you are then.
how about a cool church? want one of those?
here are two of those legendary colombian women....
how are you on bridges? need another one?
if you walked down the streets of popayan - like tommi and i were - they would look exactly like this.
and if you came to visit us at our hostel, i would give you this greeting.
have you ever wondered what the inside of a colombian hostel looks like? wonder no more - it looks just like this.
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