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Mike's Photos From The Road #125
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if you happened to read that u.s. government travel warning on the first page of my colombian photos, you'll be alarmed to know that tommi is standing in the streets of the very city they told us not to visit. cali, colombia.
so on our second night out in cali, i met julie, the woman in the white shirt in this picture. on sunday, tommi and i went to a mall to meet her and her family. here she is with her mother and two sisters. mom in red. julie in white.
they took us to an incredible event in cali - a massive salsa dance under a huge tent in a city park. here is tommi in the early moments. every single person at the dance stared at tommi and i, wondering what in hell two gringos were doing there. we didn't see any other foreigners there. awesome.
a very happy me and julie.
so what the colombians drink at an event like this is aguardientes, which tastes like rubbing alcohol. you do shots of it and then chase it with a soft drink. here is tommi posing with our first bottle of the day (of our lives.)
and then me.
after a few shots, it was time to try on each other's glasses. here is julie's little sister wearing my big aviator shades.
julie and i out on da flo'. i am a salsa dancing champion.
we went outside for some fresh air. here's tommi posing with the three colombian senoritas....
ma is a professional salsa dancer. here she is on the flo', being ignored by me, too scared to show off my bad salsa.
here i am, hiding from mama.
julie. that's enough.
my ugly sweaty ass, and julie.
tommi and i, drunk, sweaty, but mostly, unbelievably happy - especially me.
julie on da flo'.
all of us on da flo'.
julie and i, on da flo'.
a few of us in the hostel had guitars and we put on mini-concerts three nights. here i am warming up one night in the iguana hostel in cali.
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