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Mike's Photos From The Road #126
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hi there. welcome to bogota, colombia. you gotta look tough out here...even in the safety of the hostel. let's go have a look at this scary place...
no roof on the courtyard of the hostel. cool little fountain there too. this is the courtyard of the platypus hostel.
the platypus is located in the historic district of bogota, where old colonial houses line the narrow streets.
the north of bogota is walled in by the mountains. the church at monserrat dramatically hangs on a cliff overlooking the city.
the area around the hostel.
the coolest buildings are in the area called la candelaria.
a colorful wall.
a look up a narrow street of la candelaria.
this is the first christian church built in bogota. this square, chorro de quevedo is where bogota began.
the architecture is fascinating and the colors are striking.
love the cobbled streets.
there are several universities in the area, creating a lively buzz on the streets.
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