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Mike's Photos From The Road #127
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when i walked past, these corner bars were stuffed with students.
i handed my camera to a student and asked her to take my picture. she obviously isn't a photography major...
just enjoying my walk.
chorro de quevedo, the square where bogota began.
close up of the cool statues perched on top of the terrace thing in the square.
what up up there?
this thin street is jammed with tiny bars, barely large enough to hold you and your ten friends from all over the world.
a gang decided to mark their territory, just like the simple-minded neanderthals 10s of thousands of years ago.
love this street.
this little girl had just finished school for the day.
hope she didn't mind me taking advantage of the nice photo op.
in the doorway of one of the cool bars. bogota is a great place man, and i have felt no danger whatsoever...
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