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Mike's Photos From The Road #130
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this is my first photo in brasil and it symbolizes what i sacrificed to come here - a ton of cash. i paid big bucks for a visa, bought a costly plane ticket from bogota, colombia, and then choked on the prices of hotels in rio de janeiro for carnaval....but it surely would be money well spent since i was to see the rolling stones, U2, carnaval, and nicole facuri, a great brasilian girl i met in buenos aires, argentina. that is 10 reais stuffed in my mouth, by the way.
i landed in sao paulo knowing no one there. but, as usual, i headed to the hostel and had a load of new friends within a couple hours. here i am in the hostel with jonas from sweden.
joe - also from sweden - and i hung out in the back of the hostel one night listening to the live brasilian music...
...that these guys were rocking out.
some old friends stopped by also. tommi, whom i had traveled with for two months from bolivia to colombia, checked into the hostel in sao paulo after returning from ilha grande. here he is with nadia, a peruvian woman he met while we were in cuzco, peru. such a great thing to meet back up with people you have met along the way.
but, as i mentioned in the first caption, the person i looked forward to seeing again the most in brasil was this woman: nicole. these photos are slightly out-of-order because i met her in rio first and then we came to sao paulo for the U2 concert, but i wanted to keep all the sao paulo photos together, so here she is in a restaurant in sao paulo the day after the U2 show.
and me in that same restaurant, wearing my U2 shirt. great, great show, even though bono forgot the lyrics during three different songs.
before the show, we had to go to this stadium to pick up the tickets.
fortunately we didn't have to wait in this line like the chumps who had not yet paid for their tickets.
the stones and U2 in brasil?!?!? at the same time?!?! oh yeah, baby. and i saw both shows! and i was pleasantly surprised that franz ferdinand opened for U2. three great shows!
coconuts. they are everywhere in brasil. for some reason, people like to drink the water from them. oh my lord, is there anything worse?
the lonely planet guides (and most other guidebooks) will tell you not to eat street meat, like from these kinds of places, but everyone here at mikethenomad.com (all one of us) will happily advise you to eat, eat, eat! it's the best, cheapest food you will find. i have never been sick from it in two years. if you get sick and decide to sue me remember that i will have nothing left after this trip, and unless you can find a bloodsucking attorney that can sue for experiences, you are out of luck, sickboy.
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