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Mike's Photos From The Road #131
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this man, iggy pop, from my hometown of detroit, michigan, wrote the finest rock and roll song ever written. it's called "pussy walk" and it thoroughly and completely communicates the entire meaning and purpose of rock and roll in one catchy irreverant tune.
a disturbing trend began on our first day in sao paulo together: nicole was seduced by the irresistible charms of the telephone! noooooo! the cool thing about hanging out with backpackers is that they almost never have phones. the drawback to hanging out with a woman in her home country is that she has a REAL LIFE, complete with REAL LIFE PRODUCTS like telephones!!!!! put it down, nicole!!!! put it down!!!
oh no....is she walking towards that phone? yep....oh no!!!
she was probably calling the police to report the american man who was stalking her and taking photos of her every four seconds.
mmmmmmmm, street meat, behind that girl.....streeeeeeet meeeeeeeat.
they've got streets filled with cars and buses in sao paulo, brasil. very, very interesting.
newstands too. nicole knew how to use them.
trucks too. over-loaded as always in south america, even in flashy brasil.
they also have some fantastic sushi there.
and plenty of idiots around to eat it.
hello. i am in a hotel room. i like black shirts. i played bingo once. i am interesting. please talk to me. i collect dead batteries.
nnrnnrhghghhg, ssssssss, BOOM! great shot, eh?
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