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Mike's Photos From The Road #132
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welcome to rio de janeiro!
nicole and i ventured up the mountain to cristo o redentor, or christ the redeemer in rio de janeiro. here we are with rio and sugarloaf behind us. incredible views from up there.
here, let us get out of the way...check it out.
me in the way again.
nicole in the way again.
close-up of sugarloaf. really spectacular up there.....hard to believe it is so dangerous down below.
behind us, j.c. awaited our visit with arms wide open.
we came up from behind j.c. when his eyes were clouded by the mist...
what up, j.c.?
if jesus turned to the right for a moment this is the view he would have of copacabana beach. he is content to stare straight ahead though.
but the view j.c. is content with isn't too bad...
another view.
jesus in the process of redeeming the people of brasil. well, at least the tourists. nicole told me that rio de janeiro needs about 10 christs to redeem all the sinners there. she is absolutely right.
j.c., you mind posing for one last photo? thanks. ahh, doing big arms again? how about something different? no? ok, no problem. you look good like that.
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