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Mike's Photos From The Road #133
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it is very dangerous in rio. look at my right eye in this photo - MY right eye, you bonehead. what is going on there? that's disgusting.
nicole and i stayed on copacabana beach for our time in rio de janeiro. we saw the rolling stones show just down the beach from our hotel one night, february 18, 2006. and then we stayed for carnaval. this is our view of copacabana.
and in the other direction...
we could see a favela from our hotel also. those brown houses crawling up the hill. you see "city of god" yet? no? leave the computer and go rent it. you need to see this film.
nicole on the balcony
and me.
there was a pool on the roof of the hotel. great views up there...of copacabana also.
nicole doing the sexy pool girl pose, which she says she didn't do on purpose...
the view was cool at night also...nicole sneaking a look before we headed out for the night.
nicole and i in "nuestro palacio" before a big night.
me the day after the stones show.
nicole after the stones.
tommi was there with his friend derek from the netherlands so we all hung out a few nights during carnaval.
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