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Mike's Photos From The Road #134
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we only had to walk across the street to step onto copacabana beach. nicole on the copa, copacabaaaaaaaaaana. music and passion was indeed always in fashion.
me on the copa, copacabaaaaaaaaaana. music and passion......forget it.
nicole and i at the copa........i literally had to leave rio to stop singing that (awesome) barry manilow song.
our hotel. the rio othon palace, thus "nuestro palacio", our palace in spanish.
some of those hot brasilian "bundas."
me and the girls.
palm trees lining the street along copacabana beach.
i almost followed these guys to their carnaval party because i could not find the parties, believe it or not.
carnaval in rio de janeiro is essentially this: giant, never-ending parades containing the most amazing costumes and floats you've ever seen...looks a lot more fun than it is. here's a suggestion for you: go to salvador, brasil for carnaval if you want to attend a fun party.
more parade for you.
and more parade for you.
and that's it. goodbye from rio de janeiro. i am probably not going back. 95% sure.
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