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Mike's Photos From The Road #135
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after the hectic pace of rio de janeiro (the january river) it was time for some relaxation. hey look! there's a boat to ilha grande! let's jump on it!
some pirates chased us for a little while on our way to ilha grande (the big island) about 150km west of rio.
nicole checked our backpacks for anti-pirate projectiles but all she found was some suntan lotion.
i was never worried. i pretty much don't worry about anything anymore (especially since i was a pirate in a past life.) bring it. come on, bring it.
we chugged along towards the islands...
once we landed on the island, we walked down the beach looking for some digs for our three night visit.
the first full day we were on the island, we went on a 2.5 hour walk across the hilly island to a remote beach called lopes mendes. here we are at the top of the first hill.
great view of the main harbor from up there.
another look.
thick bamboo trees grew so close together that when the breeze blew they knocked against each other sounding like that ubiquitos brasilian drumming.
it was hot, and the path was hilly, and in some places exposed to the sun. we had to earn the beach on this day.
we took breaks in the cool shade of the jungle.
fortunately there were some cool fresh water streams along the way to cool off in.
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