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Mike's Photos From The Road #136
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during our walk to the beach of lopes mendes we passed many other beaches where we could take a quick dip to cool off. here i am at our first beach, clutching my aerobie, the frisbee-like ring of fun. perfect for lopes mendes.
nic's turn on the rock.
nicole took a dip and then we were off to another beach.
i want to throw this thing...where is lopes mendes?
nicole crossing the bridge to another beach.
a pooch seeks shelter from the sun.
there were bars on the beach where you could get a cool drink to combat the pulsing heat.
some dudes strumming guitars at the bar overlooking the beach.
if you don't like a beach bar there were floating ones also.
at the bar i took a picture of nicole reflected in my aviators.
rejuvenated, we headed off again and very soon we were at lopes mendes!
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