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Mike's Photos From The Road #137
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lopes mendes beach on ilha grande is my kind of beach. wide open, plenty of trees for shade, and no people (except for that one bastard lying in the middle of the picture. he was later hauled off by a school of jellyfish.)
the perfect palm on lopes mendes.
we found a great spot under a lime tree.
we had easy access to the empty beach.
after the day at the beach we walked back to the town passing some more beaches on the way.
the sun was setting and the lighting was perfect.
some dudes still partying near their anchored boat as the sun crawled to bed.
there are some cool bars on ilha grande and we of course went out to enjoy them. bars at night beaches during the day.
same bar, different photographer.
what up?
since this is brasil, there are always guys in the streets thumping on drums. we hung out in the streets after the bars closed and listened to the hypnotizing, dance-inducing music. boa noite de ilha grande!
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