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Mike's Photos From The Road #138
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observe the dead body of aerobie number three of my two-year trip around-the-world. this one died in brasilia, brasil when nicole violently chucked it into a concrete pole on purpose. my worst experience in brasil.
she was so thirsty after her criminal act that she needed some of that vile coconut water. since this is brasil, there are guys everywhere - EVERYWHERE - selling drinks, no liquor licenses needed (as it should be everywhere in the world - thanks lawyers!!!!) keeping the prices of drinks very low. (even during carnaval a cold beer in the streets of rio only cost 90 american cents.) in this parking lot, a group of guys sat outside their van drinking beers and selling drinks, so nicole turned the car in and bought a coconut, which he hacked a hole in with a machete.
speaking of crime, i caught this dude stealing a look at nicole's bunda while she retrieved some cash from her purse to pay for her death-water.
the cathedral, like most buildings in brasilia (only the capital of brasil since 1964), is quite modern.
i found st. luke chillin' outside the cathedral. he looked thirsty, and when i asked him, he confirmed it, however, when nicole gave him a sip of her coconut water, he turned to bronze.
the inside of the cathedral was spectacular.
the altar.
i looked up just in time before this angel swooped down and tried to steal my wallet.
some cool jesus paintings hung on the wall.
talk to me softly, there's something in your eyes.
don't hang your head in sorrow, and please don't cry.
i know how you feel inside, i, i've been there before.
something's changing inside you, and don't you know.
don't you cry tonight, there's a heaven above you baby.
another interior shot.
nicole had to wait outside because she is a sinner (she broke my aerobie, remember?)
st. mark was upset about the state of his good pal luke - he was glaring at nicole as we left the cathedral...
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