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Mike's Photos From The Road #139
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we headed to the plaza of the three powers, signifying the three branches of government, where we found the president's head!
and then there was another head. i became worried.
me (still with head.)
two dudes, signifying the move of the capital of brasil to brasilia from rio de janeiro in 1964.
the twin towers of brasil. if you concentrate you can almost imagine a couple planes smashing into them. sorry, that was distasteful. i am glad this is the written word and not the spoken so i can edit them before i publish them.
here's nicole trying to learn about her own city to impress me.
nicole ferreira facuri in brasilia, brasil, her home.
the panteao tancredo neves.
the pantaeo and the brasilian flag. let me note one thing here: i have received a bunch of shit now and then about how much americans (that's folks from the united states) display the american flag. t-shirts, towels, everything, including flying the american flag outside their homes. i respond like so: travel more, you ignorant clod, and you will realize that many other countries do it even more often than we do, namely, brasil. if you are from any other country besides america, your patriotism is endearing. if you are an american, it's gloating. a cold, hard fact, my friend. we aren't really allowed to love our country without being accused of geo-centrism.
minha sobremesa. goodbye, brasil. see you soon, colombia.
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