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Mike's Photos From The Road #14
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red square in moscow. wow. never thought i'd be here. i took this picture then turned to the left to see something i've wanted to see since my dad showed me a picture he took when i was 10 years old...
...st. basil's cathedral, unfortunately being renovated when i was there but still spectacular.
close up of two domes of st. basil's.
on the western edge of red square, in front of the walls of the kremlin, lies vladmir lenin who lead the bolsheviks in the russian revolution of 1917, bringing about the USSR. anyone can now go view the body of the csar in his tomb, free of charge. he has been dead for 80 years but looks pretty damn good.
the northern end of red square. the red building is the former state history museum, on the left is a tower of the kremlin, and on the right is resurrection gate, the main entrance to red square.
the flag of the confederation of independent states made of flowers in alexandrovsky garden west of the kremlin.
the kremlin's palaces, towers, and walls as seen from the bol kamenny bridge over the moscow river.
a controversial monument of peter the great sails through the sky. peter moving the capital from moscow to st. petersburg and the design of this statue leave muscovites with conflicting opinions about this monument, which, for some perspective, is twice as tall as the statue of liberty.
church of christ our savior in moscow. this was built in 1997, an exact copy of the church stalin had destroyed.
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