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Mike's Photos From The Road #140
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after a one month "vacation" in brasil, it was back to colombia for me. i returned to bogota (previous visit photos in galleries #126-#129) and after a few days, headed north to medellin. i took the metro into downtown and snapped away for a few hours. here's a view of a plaza from the metro stop.
i saw the first of the fernando botero sculpture's near the plaza.
not only is there street meat in these countries, there is plenty of street fruit as well.
and street blankets.
you find kiosks like this one everywhere in colombia. in the malls, in the streets, in the parks, selling beers and food. cool places to hang out for an afternoon.
pedestrianized street in medellin.
a flower kiosk in front of a crazy tree. check out the bird houses up high.
shoe-shiners waiting for some business.
a street performer attracting attention.
walking through the park towards the catedral metropolitano.
would you buy bananas from a wheelbarrow?
the catedral metropolitano.
cool egyptian-like artwork above a store.
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