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Mike's Photos From The Road #143
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when i was in bogota i was chatting on MSN messenger with dave from new zealand. he said that he was in medellin. i headed up there the next day and when i arrived i asked about dave. "oh, the kiwi who got really drunk and fell flat on his face last night? he's still sleeping." a few hours later i saw dave emerge from his room, wearing the evidence of his previous night's drunkenness. how much you drink, man?
the resident cats of the black sheep hostel in medellin. great place.
you run into a lot of the same people as you travel around the world, especially in colombia where there are few hostels and a somewhat standard path. i met robbie (from england) in bogota originally and then met him again in medellin a few weeks later. always nice to see a familiar face - even if it is as ugly as robbie's.
hanging out at the black sheep, telling stories, drinking rum...tough life.
me with a rum and diet coke at the black sheep hostel.
when robbie busted out his shirt covered in guns i remembered the unease i felt when i first saw it in bogota. i never shut up about this shirt whenever he would wear it.
one day robbie and i went looking for pablo escobar's grave. we first went to this cemetery which was the wrong one.
flowers around a simple grave.
this boneyard had a nice view of medellin but was not pablo's final resting place.
norman de j. cadavid gomez is resting here however. on november 26, 1987, he died in a war.
that cool hanging man in the cemetery.
after talking with about 30 people and recieving bad information, we finally talked to a woman who told us that pablo was buried across town. after another ride and a few more inquiries, we found it. it was totally unimpressive for a drug lord who was once one of the richest men in the world. rot in pieces, pablo.
if you can't read spanish, what would you suppose this sign is instructing you to do? "TURN ON YOUR LIGHTS, JACKASS!" ah yes, of course.
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