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Mike's Photos From The Road #144
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one of the oddest things i have seen is the metro line in medellin, colombia that is a gondola. i have never seen that before. a ride up to the top of the mountain costs the same as a metro ticket: 1200 pesos, or about 50 american cents.
the gondola climbing up the hill in medellin.
if there hadn't been a gondola to the top of the hill i would have skipped the trip; itīs quite a rough-looking neighborhood down below.
the streets twist up the hill between the crumbling brick houses.
my buddy robbie and i were a bit reluctant to leave the gondola for a walk around the neighborhood but we ventured out a bit. found a colorful flowered-wall there.
it can't be that bad if they have flowers on the wall, can it?
i think so...that looks pretty dodgy to you, doesn't it?
this little senorita had no trouble up there. i have never felt unsafe in colombia despite it's dangerous reputation.
there is no doubt there are some neighborhoods to steer clear of though.
i wouldn't want to go wandering between these shacks while carrying a lot of money.
i don't think mary is too happy about the neighborhoods she often finds herself in. MY LORD MARY!!!! THERE'S A SNAKE CRAWLING ON YOUR FEET!!!! LOOK OUT!!!!!
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