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Mike's Photos From The Road #145
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hola! top of the continent, ma! cartagena, colombia is on the caribbean sea at the very top of colombia (and south america.) i walked around the magnificent old town one day and snapped three pages worth of photos. here we have a big white building!
and a yellow one.
kids playing football (soccer) just outside the wall that surrounds cartagena.
few parts of the city allow autos. the streets that do are narrow and congested.
that white van moved about 20 meters in 20 minutes.
lots of larger than life sculptures of people throughout the plazas of old town.
and some smaller than life ones, as well.
old churches, old buildings, old streets. it's old town.
a great photo-op around every corner.
what's going on man? i'm in plaza bolivar...where are you?
the door to certain death. i decided to enter later.
enjoying a stroll through the beautiful town.
lots of flowers stretching down from the balconies.
anyone seen plaza santo domingo?
thar she blows!
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