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Mike's Photos From The Road #146
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cool street signs in cartagena.
and cool windows.
and cool lights.
and a cool wall surrounding the town.
and cool small palms up against the wall.
and cool round, look-out towers on the wall.
do you want me to shut up?
and cool old men....all right. old dude walking down the wooden steps instead of the steep ramp.
yellow cabs between the yellow buildings.
yellow-bellied nomad perched on the wall. yellow buildings, yellow cabs...i had a yellow fever shot in colombia. i have a yellow kneecap. i like that song "oh yeah" by the group yello. jello sorta rhymes with yellow - sorta.
umm, this photo is, uhhh. just look at it.
and here we have, uhhh, something.
and then back to plaza santo domingo where, ummm, something was.
and then i was here, along with some other people that were there too...at the same time as me, simultaneously.
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