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Mike's Photos From The Road #147
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cartagena, colombia. as on the last two pages i have run out of things to say about the photos.
that was really cool in the third new star wars when that guy got shot.
i have only one full day left in colombia - only one day left to get kidnapped. ed billings is hoping i will be. i think he placed a bet on it in vegas.
i forgot to eat guinea pig in ecuador.
most people think i am intense. backpackers don't believe in god. i did remember to eat llama.
what do i miss the most having been away from the u.s. for two years? the greatest pizza in the world: chicago style pizza. small, deep dish pizza with mushrooms from pizzeria due on wasbash and ontario in downtown chicago, u.s.a. i am in pain just writing this.
i watched the movie "ray" the other day. great flick.
there is an israeli girl sitting next to me right now. she has blonde dreadlocks. it is 11:55pm on sunday, march 26, 2006 in cartagena, colombia. i am a hostal vienna. it's not that great.
i have yellow stains on my shorts from the dripping curry sauce of the chicken sandwich i ate last night in taganga, colombia. that's the first time i got stained by curry sauce while eating a sandwich on the caribbean sea in my life.
on tuesday, i will board a sailboat captained by a frenchman i don't know and sail for five days to panama. we will stop at the san blas islands off the coast for a day or two as well. you need to sail around the darien gap or fly over it - i chose the more interesting way, of course. well, the most interesting way is through the gap but i am too tired to do that now. someday.
in colombia motorcyclists wear their license plates on their backs.
it's really hot here in cartagena. i haven't worn a tie in two years.
i was born in plymouth, michigan, about 20 miles (30 km) from detroit. i have never gone more than four months without visiting my hometown...until this trip. i haven't been there in 28 months.
this town is closed. say goodbye to cartagena.
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