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Mike's Photos From The Road #148
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i needed a break from the city, so i hopped on a (horrible) bus with nico from germany and ben from england, and we made for taganga, colombia, about 4 hours east of cartagena on the caribbean sea. here is our first look of main street.
nico and ben chatting with locals on our way to another beach.
looking back over downtown taganga as we walked to the more secluded beach.
taganga is on the ocean but it's in a desert.
after 15 minutes, we got our first look at the cove where the tranquil beach was.
the huts along the beach house restaurants, bars, and equipment rental shops.
me in taganga.
close up of the beach.
uhhh, another close up of the beach.
nico and i chilling out in some beach chairs.
we hung loose and sipped cervezas as ben took pictures from the water.
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